Saturday, March 26, 2011


Aqua by PeculiarHeroine featuring flat shoes

Why yes, I am feeling a bit monocromatic. Why do you ask?

(yes, I know you've seen this picture. There is hardly anything I cant slap an Audrey Hepburn picture on, is there?)

So I've got a major trip coming up soon. It involves going to a diffrent coast, for one thing, and then, while there, I have any number of very diffrent activities to do.
For example, there will be a college graduation, several broadway plays, a horse race, museum hopping, some serious shopping, and some kind of gala, to name the highlights.
Now, I come from the "one suitcase" school of packing, and would like to take as little luggage as possible. For starts, luggage is a pain. For seconds, its fun to be all creative and say "look! I can make a million outfits out of what is in this postage stamp sized box!"
But a feat like that takes planning, which I've got to start now. I've got some outfits to plan!

Friday, March 25, 2011


So its after my fencing class, and I am therefore in my sweats, tennis shoes, and t-shirt emblazoned with my fencing schools logo.
Not my most elegant attire, for sure.
I get a call that nyquil is urgently required at home, so I stop by the grocery store.
When I'm in line, I am suddenly struck down by a sense of embaressment. I am normally a pretty formal dresser. As my mom says, I'm the fanciest person everywhere.
When I reach the checker I'm tempted to appologise to the checker, and ply him with my excuse of just returning from class.
Then I realize it doesnt matter in the least. A lady is how she acts, not how she dresses, especially in a late night medicine run.

I amuse myself with my own absurdity.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


A very dramatic, beautiful, colorful, complicated lady just died.
I think the world is probably a little sadder.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Elegant in Evergreen

Elegant in Evergreen
Elegant in Evergreen by PeculiarHeroine featuring a garnet necklace

A nice alternitave to shamrocks.

Unexpected Combinations

Unexpected Combinations
Unexpected Combinations by PeculiarHeroine featuring rocket dog shoes

Black and yellow black and yellow...... what does that song mean anyway?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Two Tone

Two Tone
Two Tone by PeculiarHeroine featuring kate spade handbags

Whats black and white and striped all over?


Sorry if I've been gone (and I have), but I have a good excuse! Several excuses, in fact.
But the main one is that my family has got a new dog! To catch people up to speed, our old, much beloved corgi died last year. But last week we got contacted by the Corgi Rescue Society, and now Spike is a member of our house!
He's adorable, and shy, and hasnt quite got the hang of the house yet. He also is taking some energy to acclimate to the new location. Hense my MIA status.
Its good to have a dog in the house again, and I'm seriously taken with Spike. He's an adorable little gent, with his expressive ears and his shy manners.
Easily enough to melt any girls heart.