Monday, August 30, 2010


So, you want Joans look for your very own? Hmmm.... Well, why not try one of these?

Red All About It Dress

Vanishing Vixen Dress

Cascadubg Bow Dress

The Wardrobe of Others- Joan Holloway, Mad Men.

Confession; I have never seen Mad Men. I know, if anyone in the world should see Mad Men, its me, if nothing else then for the beautiful Christina Hendricks, in all her glamour and curvyness.
See, I'm built like that, so its fantastic to see someone so heartbreakingly good looking, and to be a body type I can relate to.
This is just a long winded way of saying that I really like her style in Mad Men. So, what follows is some of my favorite Joan looks, that I want for myself, quite frankly.

See? This. I want this. Perfect shade of red, perfect fit. Heartbreakingly good looking. Raging envy!

Purple! And see previous things about the fit, style, etc. Purple is a great color for her.

Cute, which is not always something you can say about Joan and her style. But the fit (and attitude), counteracts any potential twee-ness from the color or the bow.

LOVE. THIS. She's all buttoned up, but still too sexy for words. Desirable without being obvious.

Are we tired yet of me saying things like Pretty? That green is amazing.

And just when you think she should wear noting but cool colors, then bam and you rethink your whole stance on redheads in reds.

Droool. Want to be that fabulous. Now, please. See earlier comments about green.

This color of blue is one of my favorites. So dramatic, and so great with her coloring.

Green again. This is actually somewhat sweet, as far as Joan looks go. But still dynamic.

Blue again, and fabulous.

This is, apparently, her christmas dress, which is such a Joan way of looking at the ribbons and frills of the holiday season. Must remember this for my next holiday party.

Ruffles? On Joan? I wouldent have thought they would have worked, but there you go, suprises everywhere.

I'm about to say something stupid, like "neutrals dont have to be bland!", arnt I? Oh dear, I've become a fashion editorial.

This has become my shopping creed. Formfitting, but not overly tight, bold colors, dramatic, but conservitive enough for the office, and to let peoples imaginations do all the undressing.

I mean, come on. No cleavage (a feat in and of itself with this lady), no underwear showing, almost prim little buttons, and still, she could stop traffic.

*dies* You know, I wouldent have thought I'd be into something this sixties, but I think this is is so dramatic. And fuschia and paisley is not normly what I would call dramatic. Must be the eye makeup.

Another thing that, if you described it to me, I wouldent have liked. A black dress with big embroidered roses? Sounds a bit... tacky, maybe? This is also something I'm not sure I could pull off, but its great for her.

And finally, the women of Mad Men just stand there looking amazing. That is all.

These wonderful screencaps and pictures are from TLo, also known as Project Rungay, which if you havent been there, you should. Their Mad Style posts are not to be missed for an in depth, creative view of how the characters clothes evolve along with them.
Plus they're funny as hell, and I'm there every week to get their opinions on the latest designs from Project Runway.
Go now, and be more entertained then you were here.


Hmm. So all those plans? Yeah, not happening, now are they? What can I say, I was busy. Poor blog, getting all neglected. Well, we shall remedy that today with some fun posts!
Stay tuned folks.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Change of plan! In honor of the Wizard of Oz (one of my favorite films of all time) turning 71 this week, expect some Wizard of Oz themed posts all next week! I declare it OZ week!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Saw this yesterday (when I wasnt celebrating with Lizz)

I liked it pretty much, though it moved slowly through the first half. But mostly I loved its style and jazzy dance numbers.
Expect some Riveira inspired posts soon.


Happy birthday to my dear Lizz! I'm glad you liked the funny sake cups.

Friends are just swell.