Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winter Essentials: Berets

Its winter! Or almost, winter. I can tell because there are extra blankets on my bed, its very, very foggy, and my ears get cold when I'm out walking. Time to rounc up the things that keep me from freezing to death, dying of cracked skin, or being generally uncomfortable during the frostier seasons.
First among the things I pull out when the weather gets nippy are my hats. I have a great passion for hats of all styles, but really my heart belongs to the beret.Cute! Warm! French!
My favorite beret in my collection is a black wool one, trimmed in velvet, that was a present from my sisters visit to France, but I'm constantly picking up more in bright colors (I feel I need that stunning colbalt example above).
But just though my favorite chapeau comes from France doesnt mean you cant find them closer to home. You can find berets just about everywhere, as they are one of those things that are never quite in style, and are therefore never fully out of it.
Berets also go with a huge range of personal styles. There are frilly berets, berets with bows, with sequins, with crystals, in cashmere, in knit, in silk. Classic, cutsy, sporty, the styling options are endless.J'aime le beret!
If you're hunting online there are some good berets to be found at Amazon and Etsy for some cute handknit toppers.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


These two> posts have given me a lot to think about short hair on women.
I'm a short haired girl, and I have been for a long, long time. When I was a kid I equated long hair with princesses and all things feminine and beautiful.
Lets face it, I'm into feminine and beautiful.
However, I have nightmare hair. Its fine, very, very fine. So fine that it will unbraid itself by the end of the day. Combs, clips, and bobby pins abandon my hair mid-hairsyle, and even the most determined curling-iron/hairspray combination will need to be redone in half an hour.
So, when I was in junior high school, I did the unthinkable. I let someone chop it all off.
You know, it makes me feel more feminine. It highlights my cheekbones, my neck, and showcases any pretty jewlery I wish to wear.
Some guys have told me that they'd love to see it grown out, and while I try to never say never, (once I would have died rather than chop my hair off), now I say go for it. Pixi cut, bob, boy cut, bring it to me. Its just hair. It grows back fast. And its much more me this way.
How about you? Do you feel better with long hair? Short hair?