Friday, June 4, 2010

The Wardrobe of Others; Chuck, Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies. Have you seen it? If you havent, you should.
If someone made a tv show just for me this would be it. Its got everything; magic, mystery, true love, baked goods, narration by Jim Dale, and wonderful clothes.
The best of the clothes belong to the leading lady, Chuck (aka Lonely Tourist Charlotte Charles), a young woman who died, and was brought back to life by a touch from her childhood sweetheart and true love, Ned the Piemaker.
The catch? Ned can never touch her again, or she'll die again, for good.
Its absurdly sweet, and wonderful eyecandy.
The Red Dress

This is probably my favorite of her dresses. Only in Pushing Daisies is a red dress incognito. But of course, if you add a hat and some sunglasses....

like so. Voila, mystery, glamour....

and just plain cutness.
Speaking of cuteness.

my favorite of the promo shots, I think. This captures everything you could ever want to know about my favoirite off air show. (boo! why must they cancel everything I like?)
The Green Dress

Off to solve a Halloween Mystery looking adorable. I want this so much it hurts.

Wouldent mind the piemaker either.
The Yellow Dress

Chuck wears a lot of yellow over the course of the show. This makes me happy. This is probably the best of the yellow outfits.

Matching coat! Eee!
The Beehive Dress
Only one picture of this one, but its such a funny dress. The show is chic and has a sense of humor at the same time.

Chuck raises bees, and is undercover here, at a honey plant. Just watch it.
The Coat

Incognito again, and very glam in her pretty coat. Perhaps what is the cutest moment in the whole film happens in this coat.
But you'll just need to see it to find out what it is.

Refrences Dressing Daisies
and others.

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  1. Again, after actually reading the post and not just gawking at the photographs... I love you and your blog and these clothes and I am going to buy the dvds tommorrow and watch them. Consider your job done =)