Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Movies that wont drive you nuts.

If you are at all aquainted with the state of television, then you are aware that it is time for the networks to throw every possible holiday movie at you. They are everywhere, on an endless loop, and they are kinda driving me nuts.
So its time to get my sanity hat on, and highlight some good holiday films for your enjoyment. Some are, I admit, a little silly, but all are good fun.
In no particular order.

Mrs. Santa Clause

Starting off with the silly. Mrs. Santa Clause, played by the wonderful Angela Lansbury, goes off searching for adventure, and ends up in New York City at the turn of the century. The songs are actually quite fun, and its just one of those goofy things that makes me smile.
Love Actually

A story of interweaving love stories, and my younger brothers favorite movie. I know some people who dont like this movie because of how many diffrent characters there are, and how many plots there are, but I love it. Its one of my feel good movies. And OMG cast. Seriously, its a wonderful cast. Plus, Christmas in England. Good times!
Bridget Jones's Diary

Not stictly speaking a Christmas story, but it both begins and ends on Christmas. Its a fun story, and it has to added bonus of Colin Firth. All holiday films with Colin Firth earn bonus points.
Auntie Mame

This is a pitiful clip, but it does show the central belief of the title character. Mame believes in life, and living it to the fullest! This is another one that is not strictly a holiday film, but one of the most touching scenes is during Christmas, when the devil-may-care Mame must work to provide for her nephew, and realizes that she's not doing very well at it. Plus, Mame is who I want to grow up to be! Highly reccomended.
The Shop Around the Corner

This is adorable. A shop clerk in a dry goods shop in Budapest falls in love with his penpal, while simutaniously fighting with his coworker. The trouble is that they're the same person. It all comes to a head on Christmas, and is just a gem of old movies. Watch this when you want to be charmed.

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